• Work to modernize the Investigations sector in Alberta.
  • Properly illustrate the role of the professional Investigator in Alberta’s legal system.
  • Work with the Provincial Government in the promotion, guidance and improvement of laws and policies affecting the industry, and ensure that existing laws and policies are fairly and correctly applied to Investigators, and take in to account the role the industry plays in Alberta’s justice system.

What is an Investigator?

To quote the Alberta Government’s Security Program website “investigative services is a growing and important job sector in Alberta. This sector helps promote safe communities”. We agree.

Unfortunately, the role of Investigators is misunderstood, and suffers greatly from negative stereotypes.

For too long, the perception of Investigator has been one informed by lurid pop-culture portrayals. In reality, licensed Investigators play a valuable and critical role in the justice system.

An Investigator is a specialist legal professional. The field of professional investigations is broad, and includes civil plaintiff/defense investigations, fraud investigations, child custody and welfare investigations, human resources investigations, health and safety investigations, and due diligence/risk mitigation investigations.

Protecting The Public and Reducing Costs

Through these types of investigations, and by providing accurate, unbiased information gathering and analysis, we:

  • Reduce the risk of legal and economic impact on Alberta’s business sector through competent and professional investigations of fraud, workplace incidents, due diligence, and risk mitigation.
  • Protect the public by detecting and investigating fraud, safety, child welfare, and other issues.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in court by helping to bring the speedy resolution of civil, family, and criminal matters, thereby reducing the use of court time and resources at no cost to the taxpayer.
  • Help individuals and businesses make informed legal and financial decisions.
  • Assist in the exercise of legal rights and other interests by litigants or potential litigants.
  • Protect the public and promote safe communities through competent, ethical, and professional investigations.

All Investigators must be licensed under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA), and must follow a strict code of conduct. The requirements for licensing include: completing an approved training course, passing a provincial examination, and undergoing a criminal record and vulnerable sector screening.

Investigators are required to undergo this screening every two years, and can have their license revoked for criminal offences, code of conduct violations, or acts that bring the industry in to disrepute.

The protections of the public go further: an individual seeking to provide investigation services to the public must be employed by a licensed business. To obtain and maintain an SSIA business license requires further oversight, including audits, recording-keeping requirements, and liability insurance.